Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

Yep, it’s a banana alright.I ran across this on a blog with patterns to use up stash yarn. Are you kidding me? A banana? Get a life! This is just too funny not to post. I should have a contest for captions. How about “I’m too sexy for my suit” or “Where’s my head?”. That’s it – I’ve seen my first knit porn puppet…



Time flies and I must be in a wormhole. I promise to be a little better about posting than I have recently. I still have to get my FO photos up, too! I’ve recently gotten some new yarn for the old stash, so I will get that updated as well.

I’ve been working feverishly on a blanket for the Yarnivore Knit-a-Thon which benefits Child Protective Services here in S.A. I’m almost done, but since it’s in stripes, I’ve got major weaving to do. I did see a tutorial for weaving in ends that may just save my butt on this project. here’s the link:
Thanks to Lime & Violet’s link, I’m saved!!!!!!!!

Here Goes Something!

There are so many knitting blogs out here in cyberspace that I can (and literally have) lost entire days reading them, searching for free patterns and looking for new fiber to covet and drool over. Well, being an aspiring writer in addition to fiber-addict, I figure I might as well jump into the fray (so to speak).

I keep saying that I’m just a beginner, but the owner of my LYS says that I’m intermediate. As opposed to medium? Whatever. I’m working on my 4th pair of (very basic) socks. I have completed a tank top that is an education in fabric and absolute proof that the swatch is pretty essential to my life as a knitter. At least if I want to wear what I knit. I’ve done about a bazillion scarves of various combinations of fabric (okay maybe it’s only 7 or so.) I’ve made several bags – they were a good education in technique and does the swatch matter? Not so much…

I come from a short line of knitters (my grandma and mom) but it was my sister that created the fiber monster that I have become. She sent me home in 2004 with some pink wool and a pair of Crystal Palace bamboo size 13’s and said, “Go forth and knit.” And it’s been a long slippery slope into addiction from there. She came for Thanksgiving in 2005 and brought sock yarn and DPN’s – enter the sock fetish era. I’ve just started knitting some lace and I’m dying to try some entrelac (isn’t that something you take for the runs?)

Well, that’s my something. I’ll take some photos of my FO’s and some UFO’s, too. That’s ugly FO’s – figured I had to use that somewhere! I’ll be posting some of my fave blogs, fiber spots, and other assorted useless information that might have some entertainment value to my readers. I always said, I could have been a brain surgeon if my head wasn’t filled up with useless trivia – this looks like a good place for a download. TTFN!